Upgrade programm for Atoll-Electronique

Complex modernization of French amplifiers Atoll-Electronique. Improvements (upgrade, tweak) are made not because Atoll equipment has any problems or technical flaws, but in order to raise the level of sound reproduction quality up unattainable for industrial mass devices. The modernization program includes 12 points:

1) Modernization of the amplifier input, recalculation of capacities and resistances with their replacement. 2) Recalculation of the feedback circuit with the replacement of capacitors and resistances. 3) Modernization of the power supply of the differential cascade with replacement. 4) Modernization of the main power supply with the replacement of all capacitors. 5) Replacing variable resistors. 6) Replacing power stage resistors and audio stage. 7) Refinement of cooling of output transistors and drivers. Lapping parts. 8) Selection of PNP and NPN differential cascade, drivers and output MOSFET pairs. 9) Bypassing electrolytic capacitors. 10) Replacement of jumpers, all wire connections. Removing the output relay (optional). 11) Replacement of input line connectors. 12) Soldering the device with audio flux with replacement of solder.


This program can be made for amplifiers:

Atoll AM 50 and SE (transformer replacement recommended)

Atoll AM 80 and SE

Atoll AM 100 and SE, Signature

Atoll AM 200 SE, Signature

Atoll AM 400 and SE

Atoll MA100

Also, this program can be made for integral Atoll amplifiers in 30 in 50 in 80 in 100 non SE, SE and signature

Using the Atoll AM50 as an example, the cirсuit board with the modifications made + replacing power transformer shown.

Example modification price of full upgrade programm for Atoll AM \ IN 50 \ 80 \ 100 - from 450 Euro ex VAT