Canare 4S11G

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Technical Note

Four-conductor Configuration Minimizes Noise

  • pair cross section 4.3mm2
  • the G versions feature oxygen-free copper (OFC, JIS H3510) conductors.
  • conductor cross section 2.18mm2
  • four twisted conductors
  • cable diameter 10.7mm
  • pvc jacket dielectric strenght 500V
  • made in Japan

Speaker cable must accommodate relatively high signal levels, typically tens to hundreds of watts of RMS power. Electromagnetic interference (EMI) can radiate from these speaker lines directly into adjacent low voltage cables (i.e. microphone, video, lines, etc.). Canare solves this problem by using a 4-conductor “Star Quad” configuration in all of our 4S-series speaker cables. Because every conductor is located the same distance from center, the opposing magnetic fields are cancelled out. Attenuation of magnetic field radiation is superior when compared to a standard 2-conductor speaker wire.

Four-conductor cable

Two-conductor cable